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Save money on Lookout Mountain with the Triple Play ticket

In baseball, a triple play is a rare occurrence. It has happened only a few times in Major League Baseball history. While the odds are against you seeing one in person, there is a triple play on Lookout Mountain that is easy to find. One that saves you money while helping you have a relaxing Lookout Mountain vacation.

We know it can be hard to pack all the adventure and excitement of Lookout Mountain in one day or over a weekend trip. For this reason, we created the Triple Play ticket package. This combination ticket gives you access to Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Incline Railway on your schedule!

The Triple Play ticket package is good for one year after the date of purchase. You can enjoy all 3 attractions in one day, but if you want to extend your stay on Lookout Mountain, you can take advantage of the of the year-long expiration and plan your visits to the Incline Railway, Rock City, and Ruby Falls over several days or any time throughout the year! This ticket package gives you the opportunity to explore these amazing attractions at your own pace, all while saving you money!

Instead of purchasing separate tickets for Ruby Falls, Rock City, and the Incline Railway-you can capture the full Lookout Mountain experience by visiting all three-save $5 per adult and $4 for kids from 3-12 with the Triple Play combo ticket. Kids 2 and under are always free. For a family of five that is almost $25 in savings! Enough to cool off the family with some ice cream at Clumpies!

Whether your family favorite is a journey to America’s largest underground waterfall at Ruby Falls, a ride on the Incline Railway through America’s Most Amazing Mile, or exploring the wonder of Rock City on the way to See Seven States, the Triple Play ticket package is the best way to see all three!

To purchase tickets for you and your family go to the Lookout Mountain Ticket Center online. From here you can begin to plan your Lookout Mountain adventure!