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Your Old-School Summer Road Trip Awaits on Lookout Mountain

June 05, 2017 Categories:

Summer means one thing—road trip! And one of the most popular destinations this summer is Lookout Mountain. Thousands travel up the mountain each year for the scenic views, fresh mountain air, and cooling summer winds that Lookout Mountain is known for. Not to mention the amazing attractions like Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Incline Railway!

Everyone knows that while the kids tend to focus on the destination—cue the “are we there yet” chants—it’s often the journey that creates memories that will last long after the pics are posted to social media. If you crave that stress-free, old-school road trip, one where you can shut off the GPS, and its computerized voice telling you to “proceed to the route,” Lookout Mountain is one of the few places where you can easily use the road signs to guide your way.

Lookout Mountain has always been celebrated for its signs. The founder of Rock City, Garnet Carter, had over 900 roadside barns painted with huge signs, inviting passing motorists to “See Rock City.” Since 1949, bumper stickers and billboards have beckoned travelers to visit Ruby Falls and the Incline Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway. These iconic black and white signs have led thousands to head above the clouds to Lookout Mountain.

Today, old-school signage points the way to all the excitement on Lookout Mountain. Quaint black and white signs lead you to the next adventure, so all there is to do is roll the window down, relax, and enjoy a mountain drive.

No need for the GPS to dictate your journey; whether it’s an adventure to the tallest underground commercial waterfall in the world at Ruby Falls, a remarkable view of seven states and a walk through the magnificent gardens at Rock City, or taking the Incline Railway on America’s Most Amazing Mile, a road trip experience like no other is waiting for you on Lookout Mountain.

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