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TGLMA - Thank Goodness for Lookout Mountain Attractions

September 24, 2018 Categories: News and Tips Seasonal Vacation Planning

How many of you felt as though you were unable to do anything with your children all summer? I swear – by the time I got a summer routine down, it was time for back-to-school!

Thank goodness for Lookout Mountain Attractions! Although my kids are back in school, at least I can still take them to have some fun during the school year with everything Lookout Mountain Attractions has to offer!

You Have Never Taken Your Kids to Lookout Mountain? WHAT?!

Okay. Go ahead and grab a pen and a piece of paper. I am about to tell you five reasons why you need to make a trip to Lookout Mountain with your kids before the year is up!


It’s hard traveling for hours with children – no matter if they’re toddlers or teenagers, those long, drawn-out car rides can be daunting. You need a place you can get to easily, visit, and get back home in a day if you don’t want to stay overnight. Hello, Lookout Mountain!

Less than three hours from Birmingham, Lookout Mountain gives you the opportunity to have a day of fun if you need to make it back at home at night. Plus, by the time you hear, “Are we there yet?” you are!


Do you have some adrenaline-seekers in the family? Then, you must set a time to experience the one-of-a-kind Ruby Falls ZIPStream Aerial Adventure!

Featuring 700-feet of rushing ziplines with breathtaking views of the Tennessee Valley and a 40-foot climbing tower with 5 routes of varying difficulty, each family member can choose their level of thrill during a day of family fun!

This is a definite stop for my teenagers every time we go.


Rock City Gardens is my favorite part because it allows for equal parts amazement and adventure.

The climbing wall at Lover’s Leap overlooking the seven states always leaves me awe-struck, while my teenagers tend to gear more towards the famous Swing-A-Long Bridge, which extends nearly 200 feet. The adrenaline rush always has them in all out fits of laughter, which makes the twinge of anxiety I feel as a momma bear totally worth it.

My toddler, however, is still a believer in the magic of Lookout Mountain. For him, we always make sure to take some time to experience and enjoy the wonder of Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village. Seeing your children’s face light up just might make you a believer, too!


What parent doesn’t want to keep expanding growing minds? Fortunately, the area has plenty of learning opportunities.

From discovering the amazing wonder of an underground waterfall like Ruby Falls’ founder, Leo Lambert understanding the area’s Civil War history near the top station of the Incline at the Battles for Chattanooga museum, Lookout Mountain offers the kiddos learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Food! Food! And Food!

A family must eat, and there is always one in the family who is going to decide to be the “picky” eater. Fortunately, Lookout Mountain has you covered!

At Rock City, Café 7 offers a taste of the South with a kid-friendly menu that’s sure to appeal to even the pickiest eater. Then, on the way to Ruby Falls, you can find even more variety of dining options, including Café on the Corner, Urban Stack, and Mojo Burrito in St. Elmo which provides a large kids menu.

Of course, no trip to Lookout Mountain can be complete without a stop at Clumpies Ice Cream Co. at the bottom station of the Incline! From classic flavors to some creative tastes, you’ll feel compelled to get at least two scoops!


What are you waiting for? Take your list, pack your bags, and drive on up to Lookout Mountain for a day of family fun this fall!