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Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Ruby Falls

June 12, 2017 Categories:

Summer is here!  It’s time to create memories with carefree adventures that will be talked about all summer long – as well as sharing social media posts to let everyone know you were there.  We all know keeping the family cool during even the hottest days is an important part of great summer vacations, and a trip to Ruby Falls keeps everyone in the family cool while creating lasting memories.    

As one of America’s must-see attractions, the breath-taking, 145-foot Ruby Falls is the tallest underground waterfall open to the public! There are all kinds of discoveries to make on your way to the heart of the cave.


From the stunning geological formations (some might make you hungry) to the wishing wells found along the path, Ruby Falls is full of amazing wonders. Surprise your family and friends (though probably not your tour guide) on your trip to Ruby Falls this summer with these fun facts:


·         The temperature inside Ruby Falls year-round is a cool 60 degrees. Add in a little humidity and the temperature in the cave feels like a perfect 70 degrees.  


·         The Cavern Castle, the entrance building to Ruby Falls, used to be a dinner and dance hall prior to being converted into the lobby and ticketing area  it is today. While browsing the gift shop, check out the old photos showing the Cavern Castle as a dance hall with a large fireplace. If you look closely, you can still find the fireplace tucked just behind the stairs on the back wall. 


·         As you travel in the cave towards Ruby Falls, you realize the massive amount of work it took in making the pathway to the falls possible. And those lights! There are over 500 lights in the cave pathway to illuminate your journey through the caverns to Ruby Falls—much brighter than the headlamps and lanterns that lit the way for founder Leo Lambert when he discovered the falls in 1929!


·         Lookout Mountain and baseball go way back. In 1931, Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees visited the falls while in town to play the Chattanooga Lookouts. It was a history-making event that saw one of the first female pitchers, Jackie Mitchell, pitch for the Lookouts. During the momentous baseball matchup, Ms. Mitchell famously struck out a few Yankees, including Lou Gehrig and the Babe.   


·         During the Great Depression, young tour guides, trying desperately to support their family, sold small pieces of onyx from the cave. Today tour guides and visitors alike respect the formations, leaving them intact and protected for future generations to enjoy.


·         Traversing the cave is truly walking through time. The cave is estimated to be 30 million years old. Imagine all the life that has made its way through this testament to history! The excitement is palpable as you inch closer to the grand Falls and experience this natural wonder.


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