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Start Summer in the Sky at the Ruby Falls ZIPStream Aerial Adventure

May 08, 2017 Categories:

Start Summer in the Sky at the Ruby Falls Falls ZIPStream Aerial Adventure

Summer is here! Well, it’s not technically, but with the end of the school year on the horizon, kids are already looking forward to a summer vacation filled with fun and adventure. You have flashbacks to the excited chant of, “Are we there yet?!” while looking fervently for a vacation that will go down in family history. The kids have been in the classroom, studying hard all year—they deserve an awesome vacation—and so do you. There’s no better way for family and friends to create memories that will last a lifetime than on Lookout Mountain with an aerial adventure at Ruby Falls ZIPStream.

Let’s check out some ingredients that make up a fantastic summer vacation that everyone will be posting about long after you’re back home to see how ZIPStream stacks up:

There must be a sense of adventure and a challenge that will build excitement.

Ruby Falls ZIPStream Aerial Adventure is more than just a ZIP line—it is a complete obstacle course with bridges, ZIP lines, ladders, nets, and tunnels. It challenges and takes you out of your element, creating a unique Lookout Mountain experience. You can also test your climbing prowess with the 40’ Climbing Tower, with five routes to match (and test!) your skill level.

Everyone can join in on the fun.

With three obstacle courses designed to accommodate different age and skill levels, ZIPStream is built to get everyone (or at least those ages 6 and up) involved and out enjoying nature. Not interested in an obstacle course? No problem, ZIPStream also has the Tower ZIP Ride for those who want the feeling of flying through the forest without the challenges the obstacles bring. 

Plenty of bonding time with family and friends.

Standing on the platform or the ground, cheering on your family and friends as they fly down the ZIP line or make their way through the obstacle courses creates a bonding experience that can’t be beat. Encouraging a friend as they conquer the Climbing Tower—and perhaps even their fear of heights—is an experience destined to be remembered for years to come. 

You get to take a break from technology and reconnect with nature.

As great as our devices are, they can rob us of some serious quality time with friends and family. At Ruby Falls ZIPStream, you can regain some of those precious moments with loved ones while creating memories and stories to share for generations to come. Recharge and do something unforgettable amid the natural luster of Lookout Mountain.

Start your summer off right with excitement and thrills at Ruby Falls ZIPStream Aerial Adventure—go to to purchase tickets and plan your visit today!