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Ready, Set, Break! Where Are You Headed On Fall Break?

October 31, 2018 Categories: Seasonal Vacation Planning

What about heading on over to Lookout Mountain? I have found that much like the four seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer), the seasons of my life also work well with Lookout Mountain.

The “Younger” Years

If you were like me, when fall break rolled around, all you could think about was creating an amazing adventure to share with your friends. However, I didn’t just want any ol’ beach adventure. It was too cliché.

Rather, I wanted something different. It was fall break, after all. Shouldn’t a fall break be filled with colorful leaves, crisp air, and a cozy nook for drinking coffee and a escaping in a good book? That was so my vibe, which is why I always enjoyed adventuring on Lookout Mountain for my fall breaks throughout college.

When choosing our stay, I always seemed to lean towards the RiverView Inn for my friends and I. Not only did this cozy inn provide a free continental breakfast and an outdoor pool, it was also near all the places we wanted to go.

Our first stop was always the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. As we would ride to the Top Station, we took in all the amazing views surrounding us, especially the golds and ambers of the fall season.

Once at the top, it was as though we had traveled back in time. I remember strolling about and feeling the magnitude of the history all around us. In addition, a visit to Point Park was a must to witness the pivotal site involved in the Battle Above the Clouds.

Back at the bottom of the incline, our hunger would usually get the best of us. Fortunately, the town of St. Elmo offers plenty of amazing restaurants and shops, including microbrewery tours, fresh burritos, and, of course, homemade ice cream!

To end the night, we had to be sure to always make a stop at Rock City’s Rocktoberfest!

Between the German music, polka lessons, specialty food and beer, and fall foliage, Rock City’s German Rocktoberfest was always a great way to really celebrate our escape from the day to day.

A Family Affair

Of course, now that I am in the “parent” role, my ideas on a fall break have changed a bit. While I still want the stunning scenery and the cozy nook, I also want to make sure the activities throughout the day are ones the kids can enjoy, too!

Fortunately, Lookout Mountain has it all for all ages.

My children love taking a lantern tour at Ruby Falls. The kiddos always get so excited about being able to carry lanterns throughout the caverns and see the gorgeous 145-foot-high underground waterfall.

As the kids get bigger, so has their appetite for adventure. These days, we also add “Dread Hollow” to our itinerary during fall break. While the kids come out laughing, I seem to come out screaming! But, I do have to say, this is a mountain haunted house experience you do not want to miss!

Plus, I’m a firm believer that all that walking through 20,000-square-feet of hair-raising thrills at Dread Hollow earns me two-scoops of ice cream at Clumpies Ice Cream Co. I mean, I’ve earned it!

One thing that hasn’t changed is my affinity for Rocktoberfest. It’s a must-stop for my family, since the kids love to visit with the characters while trying their hand at polka dancing (talk about a photo opp!). Plus, I can reminisce about my “younger” years while making new fall break memories on Lookout Mountain as a family.

So, no matter what “season” of life you are in right now, Lookout Mountain can provide the much-deserved break you’re looking for this fall.