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Plan a Weekday Adventure on the Incline Railway

June 26, 2017 Categories:

You already know it’s the best way to travel Lookout Mountain and catch a remarkable view of the Appalachian Mountains. And now that we are in the thick of summer vacation season, everyone riding the Incline Railway for the unbelievable scenery can also revel in a bit of respite from the summer heat at the apex of the mountain. While anytime is a good time to ride America’s Most Amazing Mile, you can maximize your time by planning a weekday adventure to get ahead of the weekend crowds.

That means more time at the lower station to grab an ice cream at Clumpies, a farm-fresh Tex-Mex meal at Mojo Burrito, or refuel at Plus Coffee while you explore historic St. Elmo before traveling up Lookout Mountain in one of the most unique methods possible.

With so much to do on Lookout Mountain, less time in line means more time exploring. After traveling up the 72.7-degree incline, be sure to head to the upper observation deck to check out the highest view on Lookout Mountain. Bring some change for the binoculars, or even bring your own to enhance this already remarkable view. Before leaving the station, check out the engine room and historical photos to discover what an engineering marvel the Incline Railway truly is.

Next, head to Point Park, which is just a short walk from the upper station. Part of the Chickamaunga-Chattanooga National Military Park system, Point Park is the perfect place to put on your walking boots and make your own discoveries. Start at the Visitors Center to find out everything about the park, and to view an outstanding painting that portrays the critical Civil War battle that was fought here, the Battle Above the Clouds. It is also the site where the famous Point Hotel was built, as well as many iconic photo spots.

There are many overlooks throughout the park that provide the perfect spot for you to snap a picture with downtown Chattanooga and the Appalachian Mountains in the background—just don’t forget to share with family and friends.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, explore the trails that lead to historic Craven’s House or the iconic photo spot Sunset Point. Don’t forget to check out the Ochs Museum in Point Park to discover exactly why Lookout Mountain is such a famous photo locale and has been since modern photography was invented.

Since you are saving a little time in line, stop by the Battles for Chattanooga exhibit—just a short walk on the way to Point Park from the upper station—to get a unique look at the Civil War battles fought under your feet on Lookout Mountain. And for the geography inclined, the exhibit puts a name and new perspective on the surrounding rivers and mountains, letting you know what you are looking at as you admire the amazing Lookout Mountain views.

While riding the Incline Railway is always worth the wait, a weekday trip gives you more time to explore the hidden gems that make Lookout Mountain one of the top summertime destinations year after year.

To plan your trip to Lookout Mountain on the Incline Railway, go to www.ridetheincline, to buy tickets and make summer memories that will last a lifetime!