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Finish the summer with an Incline Railway family adventure!

August 07, 2017 Categories: Seasonal Vacation Planning

Another summer is almost in the books. The start of a new school year is right around the corner, and soon photos of the first day of school will replace the vacation pics in your social media feeds. Supplies have been bought and the kids are anxiously awaiting meeting their new teachers and classmates. Unfortunately, the start of school also means less family time, but there you still have the chance to create one more summer memory.

While summer vacation may be coming to an end, the heat of the season is still on. One of the best places to bring the family together to stay cool is Lookout Mountain, and the best way to explore Lookout Mountain is to travel on the Incline Railway.

Known as one of the most unique ways to travel and explore Lookout Mountain, the Incline Railway gives you a remarkable view of downtown Chattanooga and the surrounding mountains. Whether you and the family are interested in history, hiking, or just some relaxing time together, the adventure starts with a ride on America’s Most Amazing Mile!

At the lower station, explore historic St. Elmo, a quaint downtown that features some of the Chattanooga areas best eateries, along with fantastic places to grab a coffee or an ice cream. You can even tour a micobrewy! It is also the best place to get an appreciation for the 72.7 degree grade that the Incline Railway travels.

The ascent on the Incline Railway and the view of downtown Chattanooga will give the family a vision that will be remembered for a lifetime, with the city below surrounded by majestic mountains. Once at the upper station more adventure awaits, but first, make sure you and the family check out view from the upper observation deck. Which is the highest view on Lookout Mountain! It’s the perfect spot for a family photo worth sharing!

On top of the observation decks, there is much more to explore at the upper station. To see the machinery that makes the Incline Railway work, take a tour of the engine room for a behind the scenes look at this marvel of engineering. Also, don’t miss the Centennial Photo Exhibit to see some remarkable photos that show how the railway has changed over the years. Before heading out on your Lookout Mountain adventure, don’t forget to let the kids pick out a souvenir from the gift shop that they will always treasure.    

From the upper station, it is a short walk to Point Park. This is the place to create an unforgettable family adventure and discover the many aspects of Lookout Mountain.

Prior to heading into the park, check out the Point Park Visitors Center. It is just across from the park entrance, and contains a wealth of information on the history of Point Park, along with exhibits detailing the Civil War battles in Chattanooga.

Upon entering the park, you notice the marvelous overlooks right away, and can see why Lookout Mountain is such a magnet for photographers. There are many historical markers and monuments to discover, including the New York Peace Memorial, which is the largest in the park. Don’t miss out on a tour of the Ochs museum. Here the family can explore the history of photography on Lookout Mountain prior to taking your own memorable family photos, or before you hit the trail to the iconic photo spot Sunset Point.

There is no shortage of history here, as Point Park is where the famous Point Hotel was built and there are numerous markers describing the Civil War battles fought here.

With 10 acres of adventure, Point Park is just one of the reasons why the Incline Railway is the gateway to Lookout Mountain and the best place to get in that last family vacation before the start of another school year!

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