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Enchanted Garden of Lights at Rock City

November 20, 2017 Categories: Events Seasonal Vacation Planning

Every year, a magical transformation sweeps the natural trails of Rock City. A spirit of joy and merriment settles into every tree branch and natural outcropping, shimmering out all along the Enchanted Trail from Lover’s Leap to Fairyland Caverns—a holiday cheer so bright you’d swear you could see it from seven states. Each night during the holiday season, families and friends of all ages are invited to join together and experience the wonder of the Enchanted Garden of Lights at Rock City.

From the original 1932 Gatehouse entrance, winter casts a cozy spell over the land, creating four unique and charming realms that capture the many joys of the season. Choose your own path through each enchanting realm: will you let tradition be your guide, or carve out a new journey as you traverse the North Pole Highway? It’s up to you—wonder awaits in every nook and cranny, whichever route you choose.

In Yule Town, the Legends of Christmas take shape in dazzling lights. Lighted doves swoop and soar between red and green tree trunks down the Grand Corridor; in Toyland, teddy bears and drummer boys parade along the valley; and Santa’s Toy Soldiers illuminate the way to further wonders. Nearby, you’ll find Downtown Yule Town, home to a veritable emporium of gifts and treats from the Woodland Wonders and Gardens Gateway Gift Shops to the Fudge Kitchen.

Childlike wonder and fantasy dance to life in the Magic Forest, where fairytales are real and enchantment is revealed around every corner. The beloved characters of Fairyland Caverns don their holiday best, and play out their stories with a little extra sparkle in all the new tinsel and snow. And who could blame them? After all, along this Enchanted Trail lies the forest of Dancing Trees, a one-of-a-kind spectacle where the lights leap, prance and sway to the music that fills the air.

Icy blues and scintillating silvers form the Arctic Kingdom, the snowy home of Inara the Ice Queen and Jack Frost. Their realm is the playground of ice-fishing penguins and cave-dwelling polar bears magically animated in light. Stop in, see the sights and meet Inara and Jack themselves; they’re delighted to have visitors in their kingdom, and would surely be thrilled to snap a photo with any bright-eyed guests in their land.

North Pole Village is the star on top of the tree—quite literally! As soon as you cross into North Pole Village you’ll see, affixed to the famous Lover’s Leap above High Falls, a grand lit star that hails in the holiday season. And beyond this, scores of Christmas adventures await, including the chance to visit with Santa Claus himself! All the good boys and girls can decorate gingerbread cookies with Mrs. Claus in the North Pole Lodge while parents treat themselves to some gourmet hot chocolate and take in the nightly entertainment.

Each path, each realm, each stop along the way is a chance to create an unforgettable memory for the whole family. See Rock City, and see the magic of Christmas firsthand!